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Certain posts on FB can really kill you. Like this girl who posted this on FB- 'My skul has been voted the best skul in India'. Shame that they did not teach her to spell 'School' at her 'Skul'. Seriously some of the status messages are so dumb. This girl I know had posted a message to her husband on FB that she has posted a letter which he wanted her to post. This is her message- 'Hi I posted the letter'. Seriously this is as silly as it can get. If she wanted to convey that she completed a task to her husband, why would she not text or call or mail him? Why message on his FB page.

This other girl posted 'Have a nice day' as her status message. And two people 'liked' it! The worst was today's news on Viewspaper's page about Azaruddin's son dying in a road accident. 110 people 'liked' the news!!
There was discussion on television this morning on whether Muslims are regarded as demonic elements in Britain. This is one topic close to my heart, I must admit. The panel consisted of leaders of certain organizations and also certain Government representatives. For once, I found both sides of the arguments just. The Muslims here obvioulsy state that they feel quite at home here, safe and are troubled that they are considered as outsiders after living here for generations. The English [or rather the members from the Christian organizations] said that this country is primarily a Cristian country and members from all religions are free to live here. They are tolerant towards all religions, but in the end it does that change the fact that this is primarily a Christian nation.

While I agree with all this, my disapproval is towards the fact that countries, in this century still identify themselves based on their religions. Why call oneself a Christian or Hindu country. Does that help in a…
As the ten year anniversary comes closer, 9/11 documentaries are being telecasted repeatedly on television channels. Incidentally the Rajiv Gandhi assasination news is also making its rounds these days because of the death sentence of the convicts being scheduled on the 9/11 this year [now the date has been stayed by the Courts].

I was reading some of the investigation reports published online in the RG assasination case. All evidence seems to point directly at the LTTE's involvement though its chief had consistently maintained that their hands were clean. While that is something for the CBI to resolve, the thing that interests me is the way the assassins involved in this exercise were recruited. Each of them handpicked after careful consideration. And brainwashed to believe that RG had to be killed. Though the background of these assasins is not clear from these reports, one thing is clear, they were people in dire need of money.

The level of brainwash one would allow oneself to …

Far from the Madding Crowd

Our trip to Belfast was great fun. Unfortunately the downside of any such trip is that the euphoria stops lasting as soon as you board your flight back home. It takes forever for the body to understand that life is not all about laughing and having a good time and that there tons of boring things waiting for you.

Was reading this post today and got to watch this video. Hilarious is an understatement. However, the sad part is that most Indians supporting or pretending to support this cause are like Arindham. Clueless. But desperately want to follow the crowd. I can understand people taking part in a strike or fast to show solidarity or even create awareness. But how many of them understand the reason or rationale behind such a cause or protest. Few friends of mine dont even understand what the bill is about, but still claim to support it. Such a support is a lost cause and merely a waste of time and energy, if you ask me.

In any case I am ready to tear my hair off if I come across anot…