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Well I am now the mother of a cute little baby boy! (he shall be referred to as 'Z' in my future posts, fyi) He is quite a handful but thankfully has not driven me crazy as yet :)

Though I was prepared for the labour pains and everything associated with it, reality did hit me hard. I mean, until you experience that sort of pain, you would never be able to comprehend its nature. I really thought I would not make through it. The worst thing was they did not give me the epidural till the end. Stupid midwives.

Z was a bit unwell in the beginning but now he is totally fine. I just do not feel like putting him back into his crib. If I could, I would carry him in my arms all the time. But that backfires at 3 in the morning when he still wants to be held in the arms and I am unable to sleep :-D

Thanks for dropping in while I was away and for your kind words. I shall be back in action soon. Till then, take care.