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The customary post

An end of the year post seems inevitable. Since I have not written anything for last few months [weeks?], I decided to just do that.

It is difficult to contain a 12-month long period in few sentences. Also, you keep thinking about things, incidents only to realise that it happened the previous year. I have read a lot this year. More than I have read in the last 6-7 years. As a teenager I used to read at least 5-6 books a week [I kid not]. Having the luxury of doing something close to that, even if it is 2-3 books a month is bliss. Amongst the ones I enjoyed the most if ‘The Goldfinch’, ‘Strange Weather in Tokyo’, ‘When we were orphans’, ‘Never let me go’, ‘69’ and ‘Chokher Bali’.

I took up paddling [on a dragon boat] and then decided to give it up temporarily. Got a personal trainer and am in the best shape since college. Getting my driving license has been the highlight of my year. I finally got it in my third attempt, but the examiner said it was flawless and I got away with one mi…