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Some people freak me out. Seriously. Now there is this lady who has joined our firm two weeks ago. When I was introduced to her, she made some smart ass remark about my surname which by itself put me off. But I'm practising this new theory where I've decided not to judge people in the first instance. Anyway yesterday I had the opportunity to interact with this lady during lunch. It seems she recently got married and her husband works in one of our rival firms. Two mins into the conversation and she started complaining about her husband. He doesnt take me out, he doesnt give me time , this and that. This went on for forty five mins. And this is my second conversation with this lady, mind it.

After a point I couldnt take it anymore. I tried my best to steer the conversation to other topics she just dint budge. I gave up and made some excuse and left the place.

Ok, I am not judging. She has major problems with her marriage and all that is fine. But tellin all this to a total stran…
WB is censoring FRIENDS dialogues and scenes! I was watching the one in which everybody starts thinkin Phoebe is the porn artist. And they were cutting off the word 'porn' from the dialogues. Do we have to watch FRIENDS like this?

Karapaan in the house

Over Chat:

Me- Hey there is a cockroach flying around in the living room. We'l get lots of money
P- Wat?
Me- They say that if a cockroach flies around the house on a friday night, then Goddess Lakshmi comes to that house
P-Then get one here. We'l cage it and make it fly on fridays.

I did marry the right one!
I was so thrilled to see that 'Adrian Mole- The Prostrate years' was on sale in Landmark and that too shelved under the 50% discount banner. I grabbed it and while billing it realised that the book was on a 15% discount only. Bloody cheaters. Though Landmark claims they have an upto 50% sale [with the 'upto' written in extremely small print], none of the books bore discounts more than 15-20%. Such liars.

Finished Adrian mole in like 12 hours and felt like kicking myself for readin it so fast :-(
Cant believe its 5 years since I started practising Law. Its time to renew my bar council membership card, for crying out loud!

Becoming a Lawyer is one thing I have always felt proud about. Since I was 13 and acted as Portia in 'Merchant of Venice', I've wanted to become a Lawyer. And it stuck on to me and I really worked hard to get through the cruel exams, entrance tests to become a Lawyer. And here I am today! Congrats to me :)