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I dont think it makes any sense to write anything until this World Cup madness is gone. P and I bunked office to watch the match ystd. True, there is no feeling that equals the one of patriotism. I just wish people did not remember to be patriotic during the cricket matches alone.

Not our cup of joy

To tell you the truth, it is highly irritating to hear women discuss cricket. Before you go on and judge me, hear me out. FIrst of all, there are very few women who actually know and understand the game. Most others would watch it only if India is playing [like me]. I have been watching cricket for more than 15 years now, but still dont know what they mean by LBW, sqaure leg or midwicket. It is not rocket science for sure, but just that I enjoy watching the larger details of the game than the finer nuances. Sometimes P starts explaining these finer things to me. But then my ears automatically close up and it all goes over my head.

I have heard lots of my women friends and other women I know [whom I would not like to refer as a friend] declare their love for the game not knowing what a 'wide' is. I dont have a problem with woman proclaiming their love for any sports. But why pretend when you obviously are not? I mean, do they think it makes people think of them differently? May…

So much for a Job!

You know you are highly stressed with your job search when you write a personal mail to your uncle and before clicking on 'send', your cursor autmoatically moves to the the 'attach files' option :p

Random, wat else?

Have you ever wondered if the person next to you heard you chewing your food as loudly as you could hear it in your own head?

From the Sister

If the Radiance of a thousand suns were to at once burst in the sky,
That would be the brilliance of me.
I am the Empyrean . I am the Abyss.
The genesis of life, in me . The Woman.
I am all that there is. All that there is.

Archana Shivmani Rao

p.s- you can read her blog here-

Amateur Mice?

Apparently, the mice which live at our place are 'professional' mice. These rodents have wrecked my life. Rmbr there was one at our house in Chennai and P 'killed' it. For some reason I assumed that we would not face such problems in a city like London . Man, was I wrong. It seems all the houses here are troubled by these rodents. I saw one run into a hole in our living room and freaked out as usual. Later I had that hole and few other probable places fixed by a handyman. Last week P and I were watching a movie and we saw this tiny guy scurrying his way into the kitchen. Then we saw another one. And then another. Now, I am not sure if there are 3 mice or it was jus one supermouse making his presence in every room. So P and I rushed to the nearby shop and got a rat glue trap and some grain coated pellets. These devices had a warning printed that these would only help in getting rid of amateur rodents.

2 days later the glue trap lies unattended and the pellets have all b…