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I have decided to marry Ashton Kutcher. I have everything worked out. Bloody Demi Moore.
Two women molested by a mob of 70 men. Just outside a 5 star hotel in Mumbai. One of the women was stripped too. Such a shameful incident. Imagine the trauma of those two women. By 70 men that too. Oh God! What do we call these people? Animals? No, even animals dont behave like this. It seems this mob was led by two men. Led??? Was not even one of those men in a proper state of mind? Does a man lose all his senses when drunk? Suppose one of the women was his relative, would his loss of sense still make him do all those filthy acts on those women?

Few questions on my mind-

1)Considering that this incident occured just outside the hotel, where were the security personnel employed by the hotel?

2) Where are the police? Arent they supposed to patrol on new years eve nights?

3) This incident was captured by few newspaper journalist on camera. Instead of capturing this on camera, why could they not use their influence and alert the police? And how come these pictures are being broadcasted on me…