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Kailash Kher's "teri deewani" has been playing on my system continuously since 10 this morning. Have I gone mad? How can I still enjoy it after hearing it so many times? The tune is really nice, it makes you sway.. tried switchin to some othr song, but nothing sounded gud today.
Anybody who has seen this movie- Massey Sahib starrin Raghuveer Yaadav and Arundhati Roy please get in touch with me thru this blog. It was an award winnin movie.
I had very little work to do today. So decided to do somethin worthwhile and tuk out the Patents Act(not the bare Act but the one with commentaries ;)). Surprisingly i did some gud reading and jotted down some good case laws. But after sometime i started feeling too gud abt myself and started browsin.. went on and on and now its time to head back home.Ppl in office want to hang out and have some drinks... but i've stopped drinkin so i decided to leave for home. T'row we are playing at this place called DakshinChitra. I'm really lukin forward to this trip coz this time we are playing all the songs which i like. Hope we do well:) HAve a Great Weekend!