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Its raining, its raining its raining.. I am bored of these rains. Clothes dont dry, the floors are cold, the water from the tap hits you like ice. Sometimes I think we pray way too much for rains.

My targets for this year remain unachieved yet. I have 15 more days exactly. A trip in between. Dont know how I am going to manage. Procrastination is a devil , I tell you.

Ok dont even bother trying to make sense out of this banter. Will post when feeling better.
There was a time when I used to get annoyed when people said they wish they had 36 hours instead of 24 hours. Now I really feel like that. Or atleast make my office hours shorter. I think its sufficient if one works for 6 no..5 or 4 hours too. I hate to stay in office when there isnt much work, only for the reason that its the rule. Its so silly and makes us so unproductive. Look at me, sitting and reading all kinds of blogs from 2'o clock today coz i din have much to do. Speaking of blogs, i have become quite an addict of this high heel confidential blog. never knew i was that interested in fashion stuff earlier.

Weekend was very interesting. Last Friday P and me went to watch Naseerudin Shah's play at the Music Academy. It was brilliant to say the least. His troupe enacted two of Premchand's play [both my favourites] and another one by some guy. All three were good scripts and Naseer's acting, needless to say, was too good. So exciting to see him in person! His son Im…
P and I have these talks every night. Whatever be the topic, at the end of it we both end up laughing loudly like crazy clowns. What surprises me is how we both find the same things absurdly funny. Last night our conversation goes like this-

Me- So du want to be a digamist [a new word i learnt ystd]
P- hmm maybe......may be not......currently no but I will think about it in future
Me- Du know what it means
P- he he no
Me- means a person who remarries because his/ her spouse dies or is divorced. So now answer me
P- Maybe :D

And we both ended up laughing out loud! Crazy people we are, I tell you.