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There are things we always promise to do. You see a blind kid on the road and think, I will read to blind kids this summer. Or see an old beggar and say to yourself, I will contribute to the Aged Society next month. But most of these things go undone.We do not have the guts to go out of our way and do it.

But one of my friends, Sivaranjani has managed to do just that. A young lady with as many family and social commitments as any of us. But has set aside time to make the life of some individuals better. Together with her husband Senthil, Siva organises health camps, provides clothes and school fees for underprivileged kids.

When speaking to her today she was telling me that it was Senthil's and her wish to do something of this sort when they were in the US. A close aunt hearing this, immediately got the paperwork done for the Trust and so Siva and Senthil were able to work on their dream soon.

Her main concern is that the contribution of well wishers reach the most deserving peop…
Came across the 30 day 30 letters challenge here- I think I will take it up, albeit in my own pace.