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As I walked home last night
I saw a lone fox dancing
In the cold moonlight.I stood and watched. Then
Took the low road, knowing
The night was his by right.Sometimes, when words ring true,
I'm like a lone fox dancing
In the morning dew.- Ruskin Bond
Just when you think that things cant get worse than this- you are proved wrong!
I am wondering if I should have my hair cut shorter or not. I used to have like really long hair when I was a teenager. I never thought much of it until a senior at school asked me if I was wearing a wig when I let my hair out for a school play. But then anyone who has long hair can tell you that it is terribly boring to have long hair. Especially if you live in Chennai coz there is nothing much you can do with it except plait it. So one day I went and cut off my hair. Even the beauty parlour lady tried to convince me not to cut it off . But I had had it with long hair. When I came home, everybody including my dog gave me a shocked look. I regretted my decision that very minute. I cried and cried and finally my father took me to an ice cream shop and let me have as many ice creams as I wanted. I felt better, but was scared of how I would be received at school. I spent one and half hours in front of the mirror the next morning trying different partitions and accessories on my hair. It…
'Human mind always tries to see a pattern even in the most chaotic things. Our inmate instinct to associate and simplify everything in our lives. And then we disassociate if and when we realise that our simplistic model is flawed. Even then we all continue to do the same in hope, the quintessential delusion simultaneously our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. Life is weird!'- say R