There was discussion on television this morning on whether Muslims are regarded as demonic elements in Britain. This is one topic close to my heart, I must admit. The panel consisted of leaders of certain organizations and also certain Government representatives. For once, I found both sides of the arguments just. The Muslims here obvioulsy state that they feel quite at home here, safe and are troubled that they are considered as outsiders after living here for generations. The English [or rather the members from the Christian organizations] said that this country is primarily a Cristian country and members from all religions are free to live here. They are tolerant towards all religions, but in the end it does that change the fact that this is primarily a Christian nation.

While I agree with all this, my disapproval is towards the fact that countries, in this century still identify themselves based on their religions. Why call oneself a Christian or Hindu country. Does that help in any way? Why cant people keep facts about their religious beliefs to themselves? Why is important to assert it? Even if you assert it, why use it to isolate or cause prejudice against another race, din things like this result in the World War? Have we not learnt anything from history?

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