As the ten year anniversary comes closer, 9/11 documentaries are being telecasted repeatedly on television channels. Incidentally the Rajiv Gandhi assasination news is also making its rounds these days because of the death sentence of the convicts being scheduled on the 9/11 this year [now the date has been stayed by the Courts].

I was reading some of the investigation reports published online in the RG assasination case. All evidence seems to point directly at the LTTE's involvement though its chief had consistently maintained that their hands were clean. While that is something for the CBI to resolve, the thing that interests me is the way the assassins involved in this exercise were recruited. Each of them handpicked after careful consideration. And brainwashed to believe that RG had to be killed. Though the background of these assasins is not clear from these reports, one thing is clear, they were people in dire need of money.

The level of brainwash one would allow oneself to undergo is shocking, given the risk of an imminent death. What amazes me is the kind of will power and courage these people must have had and the manipulative powers those who influenced them possessed. If only they had an opportunity to put it to good use.
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