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Message from those lost

This news brings tears to my eyes. It takes a lot to not seek revenge when such killings take place. May we all learn something from this man.

Mice, Sirens & Swings

If I were to give someone a quick update on my life, this is what I would say-

* Current jobs sucks and I took a day off today just to show my Boss how the place would fall apart without me. Aint I an Angel?

* I found a dead mouse in our living room. The methods used by the pest control people have worked, though not completely. The nincompoops were supposed to die outside our house. But probably found our carpet an ideal place to die. I found this fellow with his stiff legs in the air this morning, right after P left [my rotten luck]. So I called up P and informed him of the misfortune. He very cooly said- 'well then throw it out'. I was aghast obviously. How can I even go near a dead mouse, leave alone throw it out. So I said, I shall not and he will have to do it when he comes home in the evening. He then tells me-'imagine you are the last person on earth, then you would throw the mouse out yourself right?'. Hello, if I were the last person on earth, I would bloody …
One question- Why 'Super 8'? Why not 'The crazy train' or 'The maneater of Lillian' or 'The Zombies makers'?

Seriously Mr. Spielberg, have you lost it?

Is it still there?

One advantage of being married is your spouse can point out when you have food stuck in your teeth. Always helps.

Some days are not meant to be

So I have reached such a low point in my career now that any change is going to seem like an extraordinary improvement.

If the Lord has a door, I am pressing on the calling bell really hard now. Do listen please.

Blinky, Pinky, Inkey..

I was in my 6th class when we were introduced to computers in school. I found it awfully boring even back then, somehow knew I would not be into computers for sure. The teachers appointed for teaching us computers were awfully young and they made the classes as interesting as possible for us. But nothing could push me towards it. Nothing, expect for Pac-Man.

Having a PC was like owning a swimming pool in those days and the only times we got to touch a comp was during the computer class. To increase our appetite towards computers, our teachers indulged us and let us play for half hour a day on the computers in the lab. In the beginning I had no clue about the games one could play and used to chat away during that half hour. But suddenly I noticed L not participating in my conversations much. For the records, I am very possesive about L. I cannot bear her giving anything more attention than me. Not that things have changed much now ;)

So I realised that Pac-Man was the reason for L to be…