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Wats with people posting all sentimental new year messages on facebook. i find it really dumb. I mean I wouldnt be able to write up a message which I would like my colleagues, family, friends, people i hate, people i wish to ignore, people i wish i hadnt added on my list to read. I saw this message which said- 'i had a bad year at work with bad colleagues but hope the new year will bring me something to look forward to.' Imagine how this person's colleagues [who are obviosuly on the friend list] would feel readin this.
It is with a sinking feeling that you realise you are behaving more and more like your grandmother :-(

Wonder Years

Was watching the Hardware Store episode from Wonder Years and it brought back memories of the time [wow i sound old] I used to work in my Uncle's firm. He was a Customs & Central Excise Lawyer and quite well known in the legal circle. But a man who lived by the old school of thought. I used to work there during first half of the day and then push off to college. Strangely, our college did not have any restrictions on what students should wear. It was upto your own choice. But since I had to leave to college after office work I was forced to wear white and black. He used to tell me that in order to feel like a Lawyer, you need to dress up in the Lawyer's colours. It used to bug me so much to go to college dressed in white and black when all my friends used to wear all colourful clothes. But the old man was really strict with me and din humour my pleas. He used to make me use a notebook and pen instead of the computer. He used to make me do research using books instead of us…
From what it appears, our neighbours upstairs are vacccuming, grinding on a stone grinder and bouncing a football all at the same time, wearing roller-skates. And this they seem to do the 'whole goddam day'. All the time. Except when the lady takes a break to answer nature's call. I can figure even that one out coz she seems to hate the bathroom door and bangs it everytime she opens/ closes it. Actually few days after I came to this house, I visited the lady upstairs. She was very sweet and helpful. She told me that both she and her husband are Lawyers which thrilled me. They have two little kids. One exactly 9 months older than the other. Can you imagine!! ANyway she told me that the kids have the tendency to make lot of noise and if I was disturbed I should let her know. One of these kids is an year old and the other two. So cute that they can break your heart. So like a big idiot I told her- of course they don disturb me, even if they did I wouldnt mind at all. But litt…
Was readin an article about the poor management of the tubes in London. It seems recently, one of the trains got stuck on the tracks due to ice formation and so the passengers were stranded in the freezing train for a couple of hours. The article goes on to describe the agony of the passengers and reads:

'One guy in his twenties had a massive argument on the phone with his girlfriend who thought he was lying about being stuck on the trains and other passengers offered to speak to her'