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Has the sight of a tiger ever moved you to tears? Or the sight of a peacock? Well it happened to me today. A visit to one of the biggest zoos in the country turned out to be a sad visit, atleast for me. Dirty cages, malnourished animals, unruly public.. It looked so sad. The idea of a zoo by itself is cruel. And to think that the animals are not well fed there is very very sad. Its a shame actually. The magnificient tigers and lions were lying down like unused sacks. Monkeys were begging the passers-by for food. Little kids were hitting deers, birds and rhinos through the bars. Where the f*** are the zoo authorities? Is this the way to treat animals? With such a vast area and innumerable funds available, I wonder why this is happening?
Ah this would be my first post from my notebook. One of the very few nice things that has hpnd to me lately. I'm actually not cribbing coz I know it could be worse. Am jus wondering if I've grown up to deal up with situations so well or wat. Sometimes denial helps. But people say thats the worst way of dealing with things. But I can tell you that it helps at times. Jus not think about wat hpnd. Eventually you are bound to put it at the little book in the back of your mind. It crops up now and then to give you fresh shivers of forgotten pain. But thats ok. Better than a constant headache.

Ok back to happy things. New responsibilities at office which I'm loving. Niece is showering us with her new found vocabulary which pleases us to no end. A nice long vacation this month end to one of my most fav places on earth. LAst but nt the least- A surprise treasure!!!

This post is dedicated to a very sweet friend who has undergone some bad things lately. Things will dfntly look up soon…