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Another death. why do we fear it knowing its inevitable?
There is this elderly couple who lives next door, sweet people, always ready to help. It seems last eve the lady knocked at the door at around 5 in the evening and asked my mom if the milk man delivered milk yet. My mom was confused coz the milk man delivered milk for everybody in the flat in the morning only. So she was confused as to why this lady was asking about the delivery after almost 11 hours. Then the lady went back home. It seems she came after half hour and told my mom, please don mind but is this morning or eve? My mom was shocked but replied to her. It seems this lady slept off after a tiring day and when she woke up and it was lil dark, she assumed she had slept the whole night and automatically started her morning duties!
I hate women who say 'hubby'. They go on and on about how my hubby did this what my hubby said. its sickening. Call him by name or say husband atleast. How long is the word after all?
Writing helps, talking helps too but at times talking seems a strain on the senses. Writing never feels so. I write a lot, but never post them on this blog coz there are too many familiar faces here. People who have become friends and people who can actually see through me. Sometimes I wish a stranger read it and understood me. Not care about me, but just understand what I mean. Maybe its time to delete this blog.
Human nature will not flourish, any more than a potato, if it be planted and replanted, for too long a series of generations, in the same worn-out soil.
Nathaniel Hawthorne