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when Scott Adams says it, its funny. But when it actually happens, it is not :-(
Today my sister msgd me saying that she watched my father's fav movie 'where eagles dare' on tv for the first time and loved it. It seems my father often spoke about it and raved about it. I felt sad that I din even get to know my father's fav movie. If only I knew..
Last week I was reading 'Dork- The Incredible Adventures of Robin "Einstein" Varghese ' by the blogger Sidin Vadukut. I am a great fan of his blog and the book was pretty good in the beginning. Later it got very silly. I use the word silly here for the want of a better way to describe his writing. Actually I felt that Sidin wrote the first part and asked someone else to complete it. Cant believe I wasted time reading the book.

After looking for a DVD of Shawshank Redemption for a long time, I finally found a CD and watched it last friday night. The movie was very good, but I would still rate Green Mile above it.

Its so bloody hot in Chennai that you could get baked [or roasted if you are one those oily kinds :p] if you step out of your building. And its gonna get worse, we hear. I am sure we Chennaites would not suffer much in hell, considering how much we are programmed to endure on earth!