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Getting up early in the morning is such a pain. For the past 3 weeks i have been getting up at 5.30 and going for a jog. But it still hasnt become a habit. My mobile alarm tone has become the most irritating sound i've ever heard. All kinds of excuses pop up in my mind at 5.30. Knee pain, dizziness, headache.. Its tuff when you have to convince your own conscience with an excuse. And i don feel that great throughout the day- as opposed to wat my mom says.

Went to watch a play last evening. It was by evam. Not as funny as i expected it to be. The part i really enjoyed was the dance by 5 girls who appeared almost throughout the play. They really did a fantastic job.

This weekend i discovered that the whole city pushes off to either Citicenter or Spencers on weekends. It has become like the Marina beach. The malls were filled with people from all walks of life. I wonder if these people actually came there to shop. It seems that everybody's common mission was to get into a place wh…

A mail to me

Attn Sir/Madam,Assalamu alaikum!!!

Dear Beloved this letter is personal, intimate and confidential. Forgive this unusual manner of contacting you, but this is the only option I have. There will absolutely be great doubt and distrust in Your heart in respect of this email, coupled with the Fact that so many miscreants have taken possession of The Internet to facilitate their nefarious deeds, Thereby making it extremely difficult for genuine purposes. There is no other way for me to know whether I will be properly understood, but I have to reach out to someone. For I know that there will be one that can be trusted. I am Mrs. Aisha Mohmmed, wife of late MR, Adamu Mohammed .is 47 years old with only one son. I have been presently diagnosed with severe lungs Cancer and my doctor say it will be a miracle if I exceed thirty days. My late husband whom died of heart Attack was a business mogul in Thailand . Until Recently, I discovered he deposited a huge amount of Money ($8,500! .000.00 USD EI…
I know I stand in line Until you think you have the time To spend an evening with me,
And if we go someplace to dance I know that there's a chance You won't be leaving with me
Then afterwards we drop into a quiet little place And have a drink or two
And then I go and spoil it all By saying something stupid Like I love you
I can see it in your eyes That you despise the same old lines You heard the night before
And though it's just a line to you For me it's true And never seemed so right before
I practice every day to find some clever lines to say To make the meaning come through
But then I think I'll wait until the evening gets late And I'm alone with you
The time is right Your perfume fills my head The stars get red And oh the night's so blue
And then I go and spoil it all By saying something stupid Like I love you I love you...

I love the lyrics of this song. I don care if you call me mushy!!!!!!