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I cannot remember the number of times I have been whistled at, groped, pinched and stared at in India. I lived most part of my life in Chennai which is supposed to be a conservative city. But there has not been a single I been able to feel safe on the roads. Almost every time I have been subject to some sort of abuse by random men on the streets. There is one such incident which still triggers a temper in me, I still really want to catch hold of that man and bash him up. It was around 9 pm and I was walking back from my violin class. I had reached a long street at the end of which there was another long street which would finally lead to my apartment. I loved this walk because this was a peaceful residential area and many of the houses planted my favourite Parijatham. I cannot explain how I felt walking past these flowers, it just transported me to a divine place.

So, as I was walking a young chap got onto the road in a bicycle. He started saying filthy things to me and his cycle came…
I found the AIB amusing in parts. It did not shock me though. Many of the upper class in India normally throw around expletives in English and are proud about their ability to do so without hesitation. What worried me was the false smiles and laughs. I am sure no one takes a rightinyourface abuse lightly. That too on television. So how would things progress from that point on. It would probably be tit for tat and continue for ages in that fashion. Some of it would affect people who were not part of it. All in the name of fun and humour.