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Quote of the day

"A woman needs a man as much a fish needs a bicycle."
- by some woman
I found this quote damn funny for some reason. Also coz I imagined a fish riding a cycle.
Saw two movies this weekend- Jodha Akbar and Velli Thirai. I think everybody has spoken so much about JA that there is nothin left to comment upon. The movie was ok, I don remember much of history but my mom being a history teacher helped me out. In fact for quite a while I was wondering who was playing Birbal's character in the movie :-p. Anyway Jodha's and Akbar's romance was the thing which interested me the most, however fictitious it might be. I never used to like Hrithik Roshan much until this movie. Man, he looks damn neat with that moustache. Aishwarya, well, looks Aishwarya. She must love playing parts which require dressing up so much. One thing Ashutosh probably couldnt make her agree to was not to show her navel. A Hindu Princess during that time most defintely din wear such revealing clothes. How did the Director miss that?
Coming to the tamil movie- Velli Thirai, I found it quite nice. Funny and entertaining. BAd edittin in the second half made the story a lit…