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Time seems to be runnin so fast these day. I dont want to stay in this period but one part of me also wants to hold on to it. Who knows what might happen next. Having missed most of my music classes, I look totally lost during the practise sessions. I wish I had been more regular. Wish all this gyan came to me 2 months ago. I wish I could read Jhumpa Lahiri's latest book, watch kite runner or sleep for 10 hours.
It smells of parijatham everywhere. The night is cool and lonely. The fragrance follows me. It makes me happy. I smile at a total stranger. She too smiles back. Is it because she is also enjoying the fragrance? A child is playing with a puppy on the road. Both of look happy in each others company. I wish I could join them. I have been rewarded with a moment of peace and its priceless :-)
An odd unsettling feeling. am experiencing the worst mood swings ever. am laughing at a mindless joke at one moment and the next moment feel like crying coz my comp has conked off.

Come to think of it, this year has treated me quite well. Met some great people, had a major crush and got over it without fuss, had a decent appraisal at work, went on a nice forest trek, was appreciated for handling things maturely, was blamed for acting like a kid. Hmm... I guess i should learn to be more thankful :)

Btw this was the first time I went on a forest trek and I had a fantabulous time. Mainly coz the group I went with was so funloving and affectionate. Din know you could become friends overnight! Wanted to blog about the trip but you know how lazy i can get ;) In case any of you want to read about it you can read it here-

Thanks P!