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Hilsa Poche...

In general I find Indians can be extremely courteous and not, in equal measures. The not-so-courteous can be sub-divided into different types while there are 'deceptive' courteous kinds as well. It requires some skills and courage to steer past/ into this type of population. Thankfully these skills do not disappear with lack of interaction, much like cycling. Thus my story begins when I decided to buy some souvenirs for my colleagues and noted an advert for a tribal art exhibition in Koramangala. Being new to Bangalore, Koramangala sounded a place far away and man it sure was. So I travelled all the way and got into a seedy BDA building. This is how most Government buildings (that I have seen) are, but with lot of people around I felt safe. I walked past broken staircases into a room hidden away on the first floor. This was where the art exhibition was and I went crazy choosing beautiful artefacts. While there I was chatting with the nice sales people about the weather, the…

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