Survival of the fittest

Once I was arguing with a lady who said a human being born with a physical disadvantage so difficult to repair that that person would require lifelong support in order to conduct basic business necessary to carry out life should be allowed to die with dignity soon after such imparity is identified. She argued this is particularly relevant for families who have an economic disadvantage, in a way suggesting that if a human was born with sufficient resources, this harsh step might not be necessary. At that point I was shocked to hear this, particularly from a person for whom I had high regard. Just because one has the comfort of finances, they should be allowed to survive while the other is best put to sleep. How cruel can the society get. Months after I had this discussion, this point of hers popped in my mind whenever I saw or heard of a baby born with a physical or mental disability. Will the Doctors decide based on the parents financial status is what I used to wonder. Now with peopl…

Velai ila ambutan

I just realised, the cheerier the person the more he/she annoys. Do you agree?

Velai Ilaada Ambatan...

You know what surprises me- people who you have not texted for months or sometimes years text you out of the blue and tell you they like your profile picture. While I am touched by their gesture, does this mean they scroll up and down every contact in their list and check out their DPs?

Meet Gilli



Today I feel nothing can break my happiness. Finally the kitten arrives. La La La

Did you know?

I provide P random facts about cats every day until the day he submits and agrees to get a cat home. So today our conversation goes this way:

Me: Today's fact about cats for you. Owning a cat can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third.
P: yea sure, for the cat right? cos it got a home

On that note, any tips on getting a cat-hater to agree to adopting a cat is welcome.

So fresh, So Clean

I have house rules, few actually. Some of it P gets, some he doesn't. Recently a very close friend came to stay with us. He was baffled when he heard of my rules and more shocked when I gently reprimanded him for skipping some. In fact some requests came from by Z. Z asked _ Uncle to please wipe his shoes on both the mats (I have one outside the door and one inside). To clarify, I am never rude about these rules. But I will not shy away from telling guests about it. And I am also not going to go behind them with a broom.

You may be curious about my rules, so few of them below for your reading:

* No outside footwear to be worn inside the house
* No stepping out into the garden barefoot. I have sufficient spare slippers kept outside for people to use. In the rare circumstance that there are more than 5 person wishing to step out into the garden, I suggest they carry their own footwear outside to the garden.
*No eating in the bedroom, unless of course the person is unwell
*No sitting…