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I mute any Whatsapp group the second I am invited to it. In the last year or so I have probably met up with friends 6-7 times. No, it is not that I am turning into an anti-social, wary 33 year old. It is just that I am losing patience for nonsensical talk sooner than I would like to admit. I heard someone talk about racial issues immigrants face and I was just nodding and singing 'Skidamarinca rinka rink' in my head.

Maybe that is the reason, after 10 years of this blog [yes, it is The big anniversary], my posts have dwindled to embarrassing numbers.

Coming to other things, I have been watching a lot of Milli & Mollie, Peppa Pig, Curious George lately. People talk about 'the Good Wife', 'Game of Thrones' etc.. and this is what I watch. I do find them mildly comforting. However the constant giggling of the protagonist [George not included here] is something I am concerned about, not to mention something I find irritating. Any simple statement would make th…