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Nice things I did this week-

Had a long, warm conversation with a friend who made me realise quite a few things which I had overlooked/ taken for granted. Went for a long drive with my best buddy- both of us singing all the way. Watched a silly sweet movie and laughed at every silly joke! Bought an expensive white shirt and wore it the very next day and pretended not to be pleased with the compliments :p
Two posts in one day is completely unheard of- atleast from me. But I have this strong urge to write tonight. Its 23.00 hours and I'm dead tired. Seems like people around me are getting increasingly annoying. I don know how to react to them. Close ones are changing. Have a strong urge to beat up certain people. Maybe I should get a punching bag one of these days. I wonder if that will actually help me vent out anger. And I'm not really sure what I'm angry about. I could sit and analyse things but I've done it so many times that I know the answer to that one. Like Chandler says- "Oh dont open that box"!
Watched "The Wonder Years" after 15 years last night. I consider it one of the best ever series on television. Do any of you remember watching it?