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Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Nothing to beat this, I have tears in my eyes everytime I watch this video

Vishwaroopam- Ohmygod!

This was our first movie after Z's birth. I was a bit tired after my trip to the office with Z all by myself. But when P came home all excited that the first show of the movie was being screened at a theater nearby, and my mom forced me to go, I was all ready.

When Kamal starts off with a song where he dances more like a woman than a man [I always think he is one of the few men in the industry who can dance Bharathanatiyam and look masculine at the same time], I was intrigued. Maybe this has something to do with his past. I was willing to look past the irritating new comer's Tamil Brahmin Iyer accent which I must say is something Kamal must do away with, in all his future movies. But it was a huge disappointment. A bundle of cliche plots poorly scripted. The dialogues did not have not depth or logic most of the time. Talented actors like Zarina Wahab, Naseer, Shekhar Kapur have been wasted. The worst was Rahul Bose who has been reduced to a eyeless caricature.

I would not say…