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Whatever your day has been till now, I assure you this blogger is going to make you laugh.

This is the best since Holden Caulfield or Adrian Mole.
Could we all pause for a min and stop judging the people around us? How would it feel to not judge and know that you are not being judged. Would we behave differently? Would we smile more often or act in a more kind manner? Would we work with a carefree mind which is devoid of doubts and insecurities? Would we jog up to our destination instead of trying to walk in the acceptable fashion? Would we wear clothes we like than what others would appreciate? Would we sing and dance with passion not worrying about people teasing us? Would we kiss our loved one right where we want to instead of saving the feeling and forgetting it later? Would we look out of the bus/ train and absorb the beauty of the life around us than making mental notes about the behaviour of the people sitting next to us?

If life could indeed be so much better by this simple act, why don we try it?

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth

I see ppl thanking the Lord for their I-Phones, Mac Books, DSLR etc..Isnt the Lord supposed to have taught them to un-love materialistic stuff?

My article in the Viewspaper :)

Chamathu, anyone?

I never stick to my words. So here it goes:

The Tamilian people can be classified into different categories. This classification is based on their character, virtues, educational qualification, skin colour, length of hair, size of nose...ok you now get the drift. I am only going to talk about one category at a time. Today is the one which people are scared of falling into, it is called the 'Chamathu' category. As you age, you might like being classified as 'Chamathu', but as a kid, it is a dreaded category.

Ok now let me explain what 'Chamathu' is. Lets start with the guy, because I am a woman and would love to give the first chance to men :p A Chamathu guy is one who oils his hair regularly, recites his slokas at appropriate points of time during the day, makes earnest conversations with 80 year old thathas who spit more than they talk, goes to the temple regularly [Note: going to the temple everyday would make him a 'pazham*'], does not talk to girls un…