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Everyday on my way to work I see this man. He must be over 40 and is about two and a half feet tall. I guess he works at some grocery shop nearby. He must be very punctual coz in case I'm late on certain days I can see him way past the usual place where I see him. Even when it is raining cats and dogs , I see him. Sometimes people in cars are unable to see him and almost hit him. But he moves aside and carries on.

This man though a stranger to me has taught me so much. To each person, his own problems. But I really marvel this man's inner strength. I wonder what makes him go on and on. I wonder if he has a family to support or if he actually does have a family. I wonder if he has thought of giving everything up sometimes. If he had, what would have made him change his mind.

For all I know- there was probably a very sweet poor woman who had married this man and she waits for him every evening. But still he must have to put up a struggle everyday to survive in this world.

To me, th…
I'm bored. I'm tired. I'm sleepyyyyyyyyyy. And i've like 10 different tasks to finish by today. God save me.