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Live n Let Live

This is a story I read in ET today-A farmer’s son accidentally stepped on a serpent’s tail which in turn bit him and he dies. The farmer in anger cut the serpent’s tail off. The serpent in turn starting biting the farmer’s cattle. The farmer finally went to the serpent and said that lets forgive and forget. But the serpent said- “No, you can never forget the death of your son, nor I the loss of my tail.” The moral of the story is that its very difficult to make a move and suggest that one forgives and forgets the mistake.The farmer though made it out of desperation that his cattle would be killed atleast made the move. The serpent didn’t even try. Its very easy to isolate yourself and say that you wont forgive. The reason might be your ego or your stubbornness.Whatever it is.We should all understand that we are not going to live forever.To hate and treasure that hatred is not only a waste of time but also a killer.Life is short.Lets make the most of it.We might meet people who hav…

Calm before a storm?

Though my life is not exactly goin the way i want it to go now a days, suddenly there seems to be peace.I'm feeling very light hearted.Am going to watch Jus like Heaven on sunday. A TAmil movie tonight probably and Mixed doubles tomorow. I'l do anyhting to take my mind off the pain i'm feeling.This seems to help.

I used to be a voracious reader earlier. Now a days i dont read much. So i thot let me start reading again. HAve started with DA Vinci Code now. Though i prefer Indian authors. The indian books are not available in the libary. And its too bloody expensive to buy the book Probably shall start buyin books from next month when i shall have enough dough.

Mixed Up

There's always a time in your life wen every bloody thing u do goes topsy turvy. i guess i'm into that phase right now..everythin including my social life, my work, my relationships seemed to go haywire.I'm trying to take control of it but it seems to go on and on.O god . I seriously dont know wat to do.

Its my life