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Read a damn neat blog today- I realised that we actually enjoy things that we relate to.

Anyways my frnd and i were dining at Saravana Bhavan the other day and the place was very crowded.You would expect a restaurant of that standards to have some kinda regulations. But the place was wrkin like a Muniyandi Vilas. My frnd i were seated in a table for 4( coz nothin else was available) and we decided to sit nxt to each othr instead of facing one another.A couple entered and finding no vacant seats decided to sit at our table. I was so surprised. Coz they didnt even ask us if it was ok with us.

There were few young boys workin there.Some of them looked hardly 12 years old. Suddenly one of these boys dropped a plate and it landed with a big crash.Everybody looked up n the boy was obviously scared. He was not pulled up in front of us but it makes me shudder when i imagine how his act wld have been punished.He looked so young and innocent that my it b…