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Oh, what I wouldnt do to be a part of this picture :(

Thats Jhilmil n Azula for the uninitiated.

The world of Cineworld

We watch atleast 3-4 movies a week. Among the movies we watched recently, the one I liked the most was Roman Polanski's Repulsion. It is a psychological thriller with very few characters in it. It has very few dialouges as well. It is about this young Belgian woman whose lives with her sister in London. She acts strange throughout the movie. She is indifferent towards a man who is madly in love with her, hates her sister's boyfriend who comes and stays with them on and off and is absent-minded at work. Her sister goes away for a week and she stays alone at their apartment. All along she feels that there is someone about to come and rape her. This fear eventually results in her killing her suitor and their landlord. Needless to say, I saw the movie with my hands covering my eyes half the time :D Ok, it is not a horror film, but it does have its scary moments. The movie is quite slow but I felt the pace was just right.

Friday we watched the tamil flick Deiva Thirumagal. People h…

A song for no one

In 'Swami and his friends', Swami is indignant that his Christian teacher tries to preach Christianity in class. This is during the British period, mind you. He complains about this to his father who in turn writes an admonishing letter to the Principal of the school.

I got reminded of this when I heard this news on NDTV, today morning.

Given the condition of the state, I am sure the MP Government could have come up with better solutions to improve its people's lives. What is the point after all?

Why burn in shame?

IHM had blogged about physical strength of men and women in violent situations which led me another blogger's post about a rape which he had intervened and prevented. One line in his post really upset me. This brave man says that after he resuced the girl and tried to get some women to help her, the girl ran away saying her honour was already being lost and she dint want to lose it totally.

I am unable to understand why women feel ashamed when they get teased, molested or raped. It is definetly not their fault so that removes the guilt factor. They possibly cant do anythign to provoke a rapist/ eve teaser to attack them, they are going to do it anyway. And most of the times the woman tries to escape the situtation to the best of her abilities, which is obvious. So now why would a woman feel ashamed? Some go to the extent of committing suicide. And it is a well known fact that that in certain Indian villages, the punishment for a rapist is to marry the woman he rapes. Pray, who is …

Lights, camera..& blasts

I just saw a news coverage of today's bomb blasts in Mumbai. It included a video of the victims being taken to the hospital. A young boy was shown crying near the ambulance and couple of mikes were being thrust into his face. Hoping to get some words out of him, I am guessing.

Seriously, you journalists must have a little soul left in you to not do that.