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I think after a point you understand the pattern of your life. You have a period of boredom, then joy then overwhelming pain, then slow recovery then unbelievable joy and sometimes when you think hard, it could be peace. then again when u start thinking about a phase in detail, it takes the cue and changes. who sets the pattern? Do i do it unconsciously? How is that it is so predictable. And how is it that though I know what phase I await, I am still devastated or upbeat with as much intensity as I would if I had not known what was coming. In the end, the pattern does help me stay sane.
'I Write Like' tells me that I write like James Joyce... buhahhaaaaaa

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I strongly suspect my yoga instructor has been hired to kill me. Why else would he torture me so much? Can you believe I dragged myself out of bed at 6 today and went to the class, that too when it was pouring outside. Gosh, money does dictate my life!
Does anyone else feel the tamil movie 'Madrasapatinam' looks like its an exact copy of 'Lagaan'? More work for us IP Lawyers I guess!

On other news, P has left for London and if things go well we might settle just there. Am not daring to hope even :p