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Deepika's new implants

Every bloody organization is closed today except ours... I could have bunked but I've so much work on hand that I could easily freak over it now. Just imagine, I have like four issues which require immediate attention and each issue requires atleast few hours time and I am cooly continuing my research work. aargghhhhhh.

And so I got engaged. It was as nice as I thought it would be. A small affair with our close ones. We both were giggling all the time. I din think much of it until I saw the video. We both never imagined in our wildest dreams that this would happen and it was crazy. I thanked Samy and Prad a hundred times for their help. Could not have happened without Samy's introduction or Prad's man to man talk.

And calling someone my fiance seems so grown up. Finally I am a grown up!

About the title, I guessed with me not bloggin for so long, nobody is ever going to come back here. And the new people who might, need something to hold their attention. And so the title. I s…