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Erich Segal has consistently been my favourite author ever since I started reading. Love Story is an all time favourite, but I feel Doctors, The Class and Acts of Faith were equally good. My favourite character was Laura from Doctors. She was 'the' woman. The way he had depicted Barney's and her relationship really makes you think, he actually knew people like them. What a sad life for such a talented man. It seems he was suffering from parkinson's for the last 30 years! R.I.P Mr. Segal
Is man one of God's blunders or is God one of man's? -Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher
I ended up having great fun on New Year's eve. A bunch of people gathered up at a friend's place and were eating, talking, bursting crackers, laughing and all. And this went on till 5.30 in the morning. P and I went back home looking like zombies. Was good fun. Hope the fun continues the whole of this year!

Happy New Year People! Hope you become active, concentrate more and express your love more openly this year :)))