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London is all geared up for the Olympics and we are constantly being reminded o take care while travelling on the tubes and trains. They conducted a rehearsal with mock crowds yesterday and strangely enough I found the tube much less crowded than earlier. Whatever be it, the big bump is allowing me to find a seat irrespective of the crowd/ rush hour.

My bump is bigger than it normally should be at this stage of pregnancy, apparently. People look at my stomach as if they expect the baby to drop out any minute. But you know the most irritating thing, some people have to constantly tell you how big or how round or how high my bump is. There is this one female who has things to say about my bump every single day. And they are all things like oh my god, how big it is growing and that sort. Every single day. I mean come-on give me a break. She has, thus, been included in my hit-list and is quickly making her way to the top of the list.

I was watching the NDTV news last night and was shocke…