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Vetti notes 1

Gtalk and yahoo chat are usually fun ways to spend vetti time. In fact some conversations can lead to very interesting topics [read kadalai] and valuable insights. But sometimes people can really eat your head. Offlate I have devised a method to judge people majorly basing it on how much time they spend online. If they are forever online displaying an available status for chat- vetti pasanga with no inclination towards building a career, and hence wastrels. These are the kind of people who boast of hi-fi jobs [maybe on-site too] and huge pay packets. But they are forever online and available. Desperately looking for a person to whom they can ask- "Hi how are u?" and start mokkafying.I hear warning bells in my head as soon as I see these four words. It means I am going to get bored out of my skull for the next 30 mins [if lucky 15 mins]. Ignoring such msgs can be a huge mistake too. People get offended and hence you are given a cold shoulder for the next few days.

to be contin…
And it happened once again. I was at the Registrar's office and saw this guy who looked very familiar. But the only thing I was able to recall about him was that he was one among my 400 classmates at Law college. Law college is an ocean, believe me. And the extrovert that I am ;-), I had exactly 4 friends. I used to talk to a number of people at college but never bothered to remember their names. Now, I am not exactly haughty or anything. Its just that the time we spent at class was very little and that time was spent in taking notes or making paper rockets. Rest of the time was spent in hanging around the High Court campus. Our college was built in the same campus as the High Court to enable the students to visit the Courts often and listen to the enlightening judgements. But we used to hang out at the High Court canteen [they had 3 canteens which served lovely coffee] all the time.

Ok now I've drifted away from my story. Ya so I saw this guy at the Registrar's Office and …
Unexpected turns to life. Expected twists hit harder. Amazing self- realisations. Makes me think- Am I actually like this? Maybe the monotony of the routine had stuck on to me. Why do I look for a change so badly? Do I really think it would help?