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Survival of the fittest

Once I was arguing with a lady who said a human being born with a physical disadvantage so difficult to repair that that person would require lifelong support in order to conduct basic business necessary to carry out life should be allowed to die with dignity soon after such imparity is identified. She argued this is particularly relevant for families who have an economic disadvantage, in a way suggesting that if a human was born with sufficient resources, this harsh step might not be necessary. At that point I was shocked to hear this, particularly from a person for whom I had high regard. Just because one has the comfort of finances, they should be allowed to survive while the other is best put to sleep. How cruel can the society get. Months after I had this discussion, this point of hers popped in my mind whenever I saw or heard of a baby born with a physical or mental disability. Will the Doctors decide based on the parents financial status is what I used to wonder. Now with peopl…
I just realised, the cheerier the person the more he/she annoys. Do you agree?