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Oh Dear!

There can just be that one example of behaviour which can tell you what kind of person one is. I am not talking about a careless gesture or an action done absent mindedly. When Modi held Mark Zuckerberg’s arm and shoved him aside to pose for the photograph, this is what ran through my mind:

i) This man thinks Mark is a kid [Modi himself being over 70] and so can be directed as he thinks right. Mark being one of the most important people in the world making no difference
ii) The PM thinking publicity is the necessity of the hour and can cross any limits to get this done
iii) Not understanding that personal space is something which differs from region to region. Travelling to 100 countries does not count if you do not understand how to behave in a certain place
iv) Grooming is underrated. Wearing designer outfits does not change a person’s perspective

I wanted to watch Katti Batti this weekend but just read a review that said the movie is not great. I might cancel my plans now. Which made me wonder how much this constant touch with technology and 24/7 communication channels affect our lives. They seem to take all joy out of things. I remember my father or sister hearing something on the news and telling me about it. But now with everybody having access to everything, it is just a question of time. It brings down the level of human interaction. I used to wonder what a new word meant and ask my sister for the meaning. It made me wonder how she knew so many words and definitely helped us bond. And now one would probably google it. It is easier than looking up in the dictionary. In fact somebody asking for the meaning of a word could be very easily classified as lazy or ignorant.