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I watched this Indian movie Angry Indian Goddess Saturday night. Though not overly impressive, I felt it captured the right sentiments without exaggeration. In case one wonders if short clothes and women smoking/ drinking in public is still a taboo in the Indian society, read this. The situation seems to have gotten worse in the recent past. Might be a result of the extensive media attention, but such things still happen right? Having encountered it personally too many times, I am not inclined to dismiss these as random incidents occurring in rural India.

It is true that we act true to our primary instincts at times which is probably the rule of nature. The stronger species preying on the weaker ones. But our civilization has come so far in so many ways that it is a shame we are unable to respect and let others live. It is not like the woman was running away with the man's hunted piece of meat. And you do not hunt for a piece of meat any more. You go and buy it in a supermarket.