Certain posts on FB can really kill you. Like this girl who posted this on FB- 'My skul has been voted the best skul in India'. Shame that they did not teach her to spell 'School' at her 'Skul'. Seriously some of the status messages are so dumb. This girl I know had posted a message to her husband on FB that she has posted a letter which he wanted her to post. This is her message- 'Hi I posted the letter'. Seriously this is as silly as it can get. If she wanted to convey that she completed a task to her husband, why would she not text or call or mail him? Why message on his FB page.

This other girl posted 'Have a nice day' as her status message. And two people 'liked' it! The worst was today's news on Viewspaper's page about Azaruddin's son dying in a road accident. 110 people 'liked' the news!!

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