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Come on hold my hand,
I wanna contact the living.
Not sure I understand,
This role I�ve been given.

I sit and talk to god
And he just laughs at my plans,
My head speaks a language, I dont understand.

I just wanna feel real love,
Feel the home that I live in.
cause I got too much life,
Running through my veins, going to waste.

I dont wanna die,
But I aint keen on living either.
Before I fall in love,
I’m preparing to leave her.
I scare myself to death,
Thats why I keep on running.
Before Ive arrived, I can see myself coming.

I just wanna feel real love,
Feel the home that I live in.
cause I got too much life,
Running through my veins, going to waste.

And I need to feel, real love
And a life ever after.
I cannot get enough.

I just wanna feel real love,
Feel the home that I live in,
I got too much love,
Running through my veins, going to waste.

I just wanna feel real love,
In a life ever after
Theres a hole in my soul,
You can see it in my face, its a real big place.

Come and hold my hand,
I wanna contact the living,
Not …
Our area is half occupied by Muslims and yesterday on my way home I saw hundreds of goats lined up. For the slaughter. Their coats dyed in pink. Watching them I realised why they use the term 'horny goat'. Most of the goats tied there were trying to hump the ones next to them. And though the sight of the soon-to-die goats saddened me very much, this made me smile. Atleast they would die happy :)
Just read that Lisa Ray was diagnosed with a incurable form of cancer earlier this year. She was one of my favorite models when I was young. Especially after that 'Afreen Afreen' song. Its a tough life for some people.
Finally our bad movie spell got broken last evening. Kurbaan or Qurbaab [i am not sure] was pretty good. Background score was brilliant and the actors were of course very good. I particularly liked the effort taken by the Director to deviate from the commercial bakwaas. And I don know if the controversial scenes had been deleted from the version we saw last eve but there was nothing more than wat Mallike Sherawat and done in Murder.

Anyway the news abt the activists gifting Kareena a saree was the icing on the cake.

And man I just loved her clothes in the movie. The anarkalis with the sweaters looked awesome. Me wanting one too :)
I had the most interesting morning today. P woke me up at 5.40 to inform me that I had 5 mins of beauty sleep left. But me being me slept till 6 ;) Then P goes out to buy milk. Me, for the first time feeling all energised early in the morning walked into the kitchen to make some coffee for both of us. And what do I see there? A nice fat rat sleeping near the grinder ka stand. Now everybody who knows me knows how much I love animals, but I have to admit, the sight of that black fat rat with a 4 inch tail totally put me off. I started to scream and then remembered there was no P to comfort me. So I got on top of the table and sat there until P came. P came and coolly hit the rat on its head. Death was instantaneous. Blood spluttered and I was all in awe of P’s bravery. Then he explained it to me. The rat was half dead because of the rat cake we had hidden in various parts of the kitchen. And me, in all my wisdom, thought the rat was sleeping :p

After this P and I quickly gulped down our…
Got a huge box from the family in AD today at office. Was so bloody excited! So many gifts for me! oooh not able to calm down. he he

The husband got me a t shirt [inter alia :p] with Jhilmil's picture on it. Damn sweet and thoughtful. Was almost in tears seeing it. WOnderful bday :)
Had been to Tirunelveli to attend Nautankey's wedding this weekend with the husband and friends. Totally 18 of us I guess. On saturday afternoon we all took a van and went to Ambasamudram. Lovely waterfalls, a pity I was not able to go under the water [lens prob :(] but it sure was great walking all the way up the rocks and watch the water splattering my face.

Btw I have this extra-ordinary video of Nautankey receiving his bride on the dais. Would love to upload it, but just want to confirm how much Nautankey would pay me for not doing that. lets c..ahem :p