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Its nice to be tagged. thanks KK!!!!So here goes my list......

Desired Celebrity- Ah.. I'm caught b/w choosing John Abraham and Arjun Rampal;) I love both of them. I fell in love with Rampal after watchin his first video.He looked so lean n sexy in it. And John Abraham has a raw sex appeal to him. Ok ok i'l stop with that..

Want to do this someday-

Its been my lifelong dream to open an animal shelter.Also get a pet turtle, tortoise, dog and white mice.Go trekkin to the Valley of FlowersRide a PulsarA place i want to visit- Hmm.. the dead sea.Random favourites- This is a list of my current fav things The song "Kiss from a rose". I love the lyrics , music and generally everythin abt this song.The whole collection of FRIENDS Levis JeansAnd I was tagged by KK . this is his blog-