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Lots of things have happened during the last 2 weeks.. some great things and some not so great things. It also made me realize that i've some great friends!So at the end of it i'm happy;)
I bot my mom a saree yesterday. its the first one i got her with my own money. So i was feeling very good abt myself. I went home n asked her to guess wat it was. She was not able to so i showed it to her. She was so... happy and touched. She loved the colour( thank u "S") and kept askin me why i got it. I really felt like saying- "Because u mean a lot to me", but was not able to.. At the end i jus mumbled somethin like-" hmm i saw it and blah blah.." It made me think that i say i love u and u mean a lot to me stuff often to my friends and my bf. But was not able to say it to my mom. I actually felt embarrased saying it. Dont know why?

I jus wish i could tell her some day!
There are some moments in life when you actually feel that your childhood (probably not the right word) has come to an end. When you feel you cant behave like a brat and expect people to say- oh she’s just a kid. Being the youngest in my family and also at my work place, I never thought of myself as a grown up. Even when I started earning. Yesterday I met one of my closest friends & childhood playmate. She’s getting married and leaving the country in a few days . I knew it all along but when I said bye to her yesterday , it finally sunk into me that everything is changing. The house where we spent countless days playing choppu and other invented games is going to belong to someone else soon. God, I’l never forget those days. And it’s horrible to know it’l never come back.
I was rudely woken up by my friend callin me at 6.45 this morning asking me if i wanted to join the gym with her. I said no and went off to sleep again. but now i think about it, probably i should give it a thought. I mean the other day we were playing in the beach and i was not able to run after half hour. So for the first time in my life i am going to start exercising from t'row.I just hope the enthusiasm doesnt fizzle out at 6 in the morning. Wish me luck:)