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Its been raining since last night. On and off. The mood has become gloomy to adjust to the mood of the skies. I had this strange dream last night. The more I think about it, the more it puzzles me. There could be no answer to it. What do these dreams try to tell us?
I regret choosing Airtel for my broadband connection and now I regret disconnecting it too. Now please don mistake this thinking I regret losing their services. A month back I submitted a letter to the Airtel people saying I want to surrender my line. Since that day I have been constantly getting calls from different call centre employees of Airtel [min of 3-4 calls per day] asking me-'Ms. Aargphita va? Why do u want to disconnect your line? We'l transfer your line to someone else in your building'.To say I am tired of answering them is an understatement. Why cant these people have a proper centralized database? Why do we customers have to pay the price for such organizational mismanagement?

Also, I've heard a lot of stories from my friends and clients about how their airtel bills have fake calls added in between the entries. There is a suit [filed by one of their harassed customers] pending before the District Court in this regard too.

So their service is poor and cus…
Judge Baqir Ali Rana who was presiding over the trial of the seven suspects in the Mumbai blast case has reportedly withdrawn from the case. Reason being unavoidable reasons. I can imagine what kinda unavoidable reasons he would have. Probably his family was threatened to be killed. The situation in Pakistan seems so bad now that I wonder how their Judiciary even functions. Even in a comparatively normal peaceful country like ours, the Courts have difficulty dealing with sensitive matters. With a situation like Pakistan’s imagine the state of affairs of the Courts.
I just realised, these days I hardly watch any television. I realised that when I sat down to watch Kamal Hassan's celebration of 50 years in the world of cinema. Radhika Sarathkumar was on stage when I started watching it. For some reason I thought she was totally sucking up to Kamal Hassan. I mean he's one of the greatest actors but I guess even he was praying that she stop praising him. She went on and on about how he behaved on the sets and how he was with his heroines. And I was also wondering why Sarath Kumar was on the stage with Kamal, Mamooty, Mohan Lal and Venkatesh. I mean did he actually think he was in the same class as them??!
A little more than 11 years in one house. last night i bid goodbye to it. this is where i last saw my father, this is where i learnt one of the hardest lessons of my life, this is where my mom got sick and recovered, this was the first house jhilmil came to, this is where archie got married, this is where i made my best friends and this is where i realised i have met my soul mate.. i hate to leave the house.. f*** our houseowners, bloody buggers. one corner of my mind says this must also be coz i am a lawyer and they might have expected trouble from me after staying for so long in this place. but we were the most peaceful tenants they could have had. anyway what is the use? my consolation is we are moving to another flat in the same building. atleast don have to say bye to the yellow cat.

So what have you guys upto?