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I was in a meeting with some UK Nationals today and this Indian [North Indian to be more specific] was talking about the Indian market. This person goes on to mention which are the Tier one cities in India and includes Chennai in the tier two list along with Bhuvaneshwar, Chandigarh and Cochin. I was like, what the hell? Since when did Chennai become a tier two city? It is a metropolitan city, damn it. And what is this with the North Indians, they seeem to think India ends with Maharashtra. To them the south is never of significance except when they want to holiday in the beaches. Chennai is one of the most important cities in India in my viewpoint and contributes tons to the Indian economy.

Ignorance about your own country's resources is really sad. And to pretend that it is not significant is sadder.

Saat Khoon Maaf

I am thinking of the pain Ruskin Bond would have suffered seeing his story being destroyed like this.
I am mighty irritated with everybody today. Some days are just not meant to be!
Qs. What are the chances of someone catching you doing something really embarassing.
Ans- Plenty!

So I am at my office restroom admiring myself in the mirror. I am wearing these new boots which I am totally in love with. But the problem is, I have not seeen myself wearing them yet, coz we do not have a full length mirror at home. Sadly there is none at the office premises [Duh!]. The restroom is empty so I decide to jump and look at my boot's reflection in the mirror. Right at that moment this lady walks in..It was so bloody embarassing, I swear. I just smiled feebly at her and ran out of the room. If only I could disappear at will!
Apparently I dream about eating. Or so it appears. Around 4 a.m last night, I heard P asking me if I was eating anything. I was in that sleep-dream-awake phase and knew that I had been chewing something in my sleep. But was really groggy to reply. So kept quiet. I heard him ask again and pushed him and off and mumbled no and went back to sleep. This morning he asked me if I remembered what happended. I said of course yes. He said he thought I was chewing on something. I was like, hello, what do you think I would be chewing at 4 in the night. And he says your hairband!

p.s- i dont chew my hairband, for the records
127 Hours is truly one of the most inspiring movies I have seen.It is based on the real life story of Aron Ralston, a moutaineer whose hand gets caught between a boulder and a rock wall. He spends 5 days trying to free his hand off and finally when he resorts to the idea of death, he finds his inner resolve wake up and frees himself by amputating his hand off with a knife. And it doesnt end there. He needs to walk seventeen miles to reach his car and seek help. Finally he is airlifted to the hospital and gets treated.

James Franco has done an awesome job as Aron and the way he portrays his helplessness and strength is commendable. Certain scenes like the hand amputating scene etc.. make you a bit pukish, but the Director has all in all done it tastefully. The only thing I din like about the movie was the background score, which I felt, did not sync with the movie at all. The music played when James finally comes out of the cave made no sense.

Anyway how awesome is this guy, Aron? Cutti…
If I see the words 'we want a vibrant and diverse workforce' anywhere once again, I swear I'l travel up to the employer's office and bang his/ her head against the wall and ask him what exactly they mean by that. Why pretend to be all-accomodating, when you're obviously not? In the era of transparency, you only end up looking foolish making statements like this.

Ok I guess this rant wont make any sense to most of you there. Anyway lets move on to more juicy topics, such as bitch about the latest irritant in my life. Desis with fake British accent. This someone I know is from an interior part of India. Born and brought up there and been in London for approximately one year and ten months. But you should hear her talk. It is the fakest accent I have ever heard. Pathetic. And this someone can speak in normal English as well. That is, when none of the true Eglishmen are around, she speaks in normal english. I know the desis with fake accents have been done to death by h…