Why burn in shame?

IHM had blogged about physical strength of men and women in violent situations which led me another blogger's post about a rape which he had intervened and prevented. One line in his post really upset me. This brave man says that after he resuced the girl and tried to get some women to help her, the girl ran away saying her honour was already being lost and she dint want to lose it totally.

I am unable to understand why women feel ashamed when they get teased, molested or raped. It is definetly not their fault so that removes the guilt factor. They possibly cant do anythign to provoke a rapist/ eve teaser to attack them, they are going to do it anyway. And most of the times the woman tries to escape the situtation to the best of her abilities, which is obvious. So now why would a woman feel ashamed? Some go to the extent of committing suicide. And it is a well known fact that that in certain Indian villages, the punishment for a rapist is to marry the woman he rapes. Pray, who is being punished here? Love a woman, she doesnt pay heed to you? Just rape her and she is yours! Wonderful.

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