What is this thing about men and sports? Why do they get all possessive about their love for sports? And finally why do they have such a big problem if women show some interest in any game? Two weeks ago I was at the eye doctor’s clinic in the evening. This was a time when people still believed that India could make it to the Super Eight. Bangladesh was playing against Sri Lanka that day. Since there was no television at the doctor’s clinic, I called up this guy friend of mine and asked him the score. This is how the conversation went-

Me- hey wats the score?
He- wat score?
Me- today’s cricket match score, u fool
He- India is not playing today
Me- I know, I’m askin about the Bangladesh n Sri lanka match
He- Wat? Y? Is there someone next to you and you are just showing off?


Probably not all guys are like this but most of them are. Do they think its only a man’s territory? Do we get irritated when a man gets a facial? I jus don understand men!

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