What is this thing about men and sports? Why do they get all possessive about their love for sports? And finally why do they have such a big problem if women show some interest in any game? Two weeks ago I was at the eye doctor’s clinic in the evening. This was a time when people still believed that India could make it to the Super Eight. Bangladesh was playing against Sri Lanka that day. Since there was no television at the doctor’s clinic, I called up this guy friend of mine and asked him the score. This is how the conversation went-

Me- hey wats the score?
He- wat score?
Me- today’s cricket match score, u fool
He- India is not playing today
Me- I know, I’m askin about the Bangladesh n Sri lanka match
He- Wat? Y? Is there someone next to you and you are just showing off?


Probably not all guys are like this but most of them are. Do they think its only a man’s territory? Do we get irritated when a man gets a facial? I jus don understand men!


S said…
Well, I know the kind.. They give you this extremely demeaning look when you talk about sports and move on to talk about the technical aspects of the game which you might not be very well versed with.. So, lets just say Mandira Bedi is lucky to be treated with so much respect on the sets of extra innings, in spite of the fact that she comes across as a dumbass!
SamY said…
me not a sports freak, anywayz

** today’s cricket match score, u fool ... Wat? Y? Is there someone next to you and you are just showing off?

I think he just returned you a favour in kind ;) ... proly not the fact that you entered the sports territory

both men and women have their vain follies ... what sports means to men is like what $hopping means to women ;)

** Do they think its only a man’s territory?

wudn't u make such a remark if you ever found a guy who was interested in $hopping /:) ... of course u'd be glee, but thats another thing altogether :D ... it proly just means he's got a huge bank balance

** I jus don understand men!

they all say that util they get hooked ... after that they behave like they'v solved a huge puzzle #-o. unfortunately for men, the exercise of understanding woman is a life long pursuit :p
Arpita said…
S- thats wat is sad. Most women who our so-called "representatives" are dumb and thus the generalization.
Arpita said…
samy- the point is we find it cute wen a man does things out of his territory unlike men.

they all say that util they get hooked ... after that they behave like they'v solved a huge puzzle #-o. unfortunately for men, the exercise of understanding woman is a life long pursuit :p - BELIEVE ME, its so not true!
Da Rodent said…
Ouch., the previous comment disappeard :-S

Or rather., never appeared.. grr..
Why Am I said…
i get this same thing when i say i like metallica and bikes!!..its just this thing about all things "manly"....but they can wear pink!! which i detest btw!
arpita said…
da rodent- type it out again my dear.

whyami- generalization is not always right. thats wat bugs me.
This is a delicate subject. Why are men territorial? It has to do with our domestication by women. Each man needs a domain which is his, where his wife/girlfriend/sister/mother or any other female force is denied entrance. The same is true for women too. women have their gals days out and similar.

To enter that domain, you need to become neutral, cease to be looked on as a woman. This might seem sexist to you, but it isnt. Sport is the final frontier. The day women enter it, men are doomed. There is no place they can go to be men, rip their shirts off and beat at their chests like that man of the jungle.

I must admit, that women are more accepting of us into their "territory", but that is just a primal difference between men and women.
Having said that, I don't think men, anymore behave like that, sparing the odd *peep* hole.
btw, nice blog. sorry, should have fit it all in one comment. but that should do wonders for your ego :D
Arpita said…
wielder of rotten tomatoes- But my question is if a man is secure with his gender why does he need this so-called territory? Does that mean women are more secure and are generous enuf to let men into their territory?

Anyway thanks for the compliments. My ego is more gratified by the quality of the comments rather than the no. ;)
Anonymous said…
please take some time everyday to key in a few words. I just love reding the silly things you write about.
Anonymous said…
what plans for the weekend???????????
Anonymous said…
can v join 2?????
Anonymous said…
its not as silly as the other person says!!! i like it!dont read her comments!!
Anonymous said…
i'll join too. provided anonymous doesn't mind!
Anonymous said…
i don't think you know what silly means to say her blog is not silly.
Silly, in addition to its dictionary definitions, may refer to:

Silly, Belgium, a town in Belgium.
Silly is a town in Sissili Province, Burkina Faso.
Silly (band), an East German rock group from the 1970s.
Mouterre-Silly, a village in the Vienne département, France
Silly is a modifier adjective, used when describing fielding positions in cricket
Anonymous said…
does the 'silly' person have any comments?
Anonymous said…
u can start writing a blog topic - silly!
Anonymous said…
but only if you'll help! can't do much without you! and maybe we can have arpita post silly comment.....errr.....i mean be herself!
Anonymous said…
i take back what i said. at the workplace she's actually one of the more sensible ones.
Da Rodent said…
@arpita: What the ... my gawd., my comment disappeared again? holy sh**. Grrr.. GRRRRRR....
Da Rodent said…
@whyami: bikes never plays metallica. :P

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