For the past one week i've been having weird dreams. I mean each day i've had a dream that one of my close friends is dying. Like on Monday nite i had a dream that S is dead.I call her cell no. and get the recorded message-" The subscriber is dead!"I remember crying in my sleep.The next day when i met these friends i felt an extra surge of affection towards them!I really want to know what these dreams mean. I have been reading the book " Interepretation of dreams".The book in parts is very interesting.

In the book there is this particular dream a lady with a new born had. She dreamt that there was a flood and water was reaching her doorstep and everything was going out of control.She woke up with a start to find that the baby had actually wet his bed. So going by that we might think that each dream is an indication of something to come. But if thats the case then the people abt whose dying i had a dream of should be very careful( though there's a saying that i dream abt death means something good). That raises the question of whether every dream is something the sub conscious mind wants to convey. Some say all the hidden desires we have comes out as a dream. That is also a scary interpretation when you have dreams of making out with ur relatives n stuff..

Whatever be it, it is the most interesting to analyse the dreams(if you are able to recollect it).

P.S- I jus realised that i have used the word " dreams" like 100 times in this post!

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