Does anyone else feel the tamil movie 'Madrasapatinam' looks like its an exact copy of 'Lagaan'? More work for us IP Lawyers I guess!

On other news, P has left for London and if things go well we might settle just there. Am not daring to hope even :p


MightyMagic said…
Wish you good luck!!!
Da Rodent said…
shyte. my comment vanished :-S

I was saying..

I would love to see how copyright is enforced in the case of films where the core idea has obviously been plagiarized by the script/screenplay is different. Thereby giving no tangible evidence of 'copyright' violation.. :D
Da Rodent said…
Wow.. just noticed the London part. Nice. Nice :)
Arpita said…
Mighty Magic- thanks dude!

Da rodent- Its a disaster you know. I feel sad for the script/ screenplay writers. The copyright act speaks about a 'substantial portion' which is the catch word here. Most of the time the copycats get away by adding various unnecessary elements in their version and prove that the copied part is not a substantial part of their movie.
Da Rodent said…
@Arpita: This is not just with 'copyright'. The same goes for 'patents' too :P

IMHO, the concept of 'Intellectual Property ownership' is fundamentally flawed and against humanity on the whole. We humans, build on existing knowledge. And, we have no right to claim ownership when most parts of it came from our predecessors.

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