Lots of things have happened during the last 2 weeks.. some great things and some not so great things. It also made me realize that i've some great friends!So at the end of it i'm happy;)
I bot my mom a saree yesterday. its the first one i got her with my own money. So i was feeling very good abt myself. I went home n asked her to guess wat it was. She was not able to so i showed it to her. She was so... happy and touched. She loved the colour( thank u "S") and kept askin me why i got it. I really felt like saying- "Because u mean a lot to me", but was not able to.. At the end i jus mumbled somethin like-" hmm i saw it and blah blah.." It made me think that i say i love u and u mean a lot to me stuff often to my friends and my bf. But was not able to say it to my mom. I actually felt embarrased saying it. Dont know why?

I jus wish i could tell her some day!

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