So fresh, So Clean

I have house rules, few actually. Some of it P gets, some he doesn't. Recently a very close friend came to stay with us. He was baffled when he heard of my rules and more shocked when I gently reprimanded him for skipping some. In fact some requests came from by Z. Z asked _ Uncle to please wipe his shoes on both the mats (I have one outside the door and one inside). To clarify, I am never rude about these rules. But I will not shy away from telling guests about it. And I am also not going to go behind them with a broom.

You may be curious about my rules, so few of them below for your reading:

* No outside footwear to be worn inside the house
* No stepping out into the garden barefoot. I have sufficient spare slippers kept outside for people to use. In the rare circumstance that there are more than 5 person wishing to step out into the garden, I suggest they carry their own footwear outside to the garden.
*No eating in the bedroom, unless of course the person is unwell
*No sitting of the bed with outside clothes on. actually this rule is just for our own bedrooms and not for the guest bedroom as it is hard to implement this particular rule.I have my own way of compromising on this, which I cannot disclose :p
* In general I expect my guests to clean up after themselves. of course this does not include kids

Now i think these rules are practical and sensible. No way am I stretching it. But obviously not everyone thinks that way. Couple of friends commented that I was turning into a germaphobe. Now, that is a bit of exaggeration, don't you agree?


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